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Francis, the comic strip                                                               by Pat Marrin | June 1, 2016
National Catholic Reporter
Used with permission

Prairie Messenger editorial says women treated unfairly

Peter Novecosky | October 5, 2016

The Catholic Church is not the only institution today examining the role of women in its structure and mission. Based on its 2,000-year-old tradition, the church, once very patriarchal, is struggling to recognize and empower women to use their gifts more fully in the church.

Surprisingly, another institution has come under criticism — one with a much shorter history: television and film.

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Priest was ordained, reduced to the lay state, married, widowed, then re-instated -- also supports the ordination of women

Dan Morris-Young | Oct. 6, 2016

"The church has no problem touting the stories of married Episcopalian or Lutheran clergy being ordained priests, but it's a bit squirrelly about stories like mine," says Salvatorian Fr. John Pantuso.

His story? Entered seminary training in late 1950s for the Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians), first vows in 1960, ordained 1967, left priesthood, laicized, married, two sons, years of lay church work, widowed, renewed Salvatorian vows, reinstated as priest, named a pastor, retired.

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Deacons, millennials part of bishops' conversation at women's conference in Indiana

Heidi Schlumpf  |  Oct. 8, 2016

All the speakers at “Women of the Church: A Catholic Leadership Conference” this weekend were women--except for two. Archbishop Joseph Tobin, CSsR, of Indianapolis and Bishop Charles Thompson of Evansville, Indiana, were part of a moderated conversation during the three-day conference in southern Indiana.

Answering questions from attendees that had been collected in advance, the bishops expressed support for women deacons, the possibility for women preaching and a desire to dialogue with younger “millennial” women.

“I’m hopeful,” said Archbishop Tobin about the possibility of women deacons. As co-chair of the North American Orthodox Catholic Theological Consultation, Tobin said he was encouraged by the fact that the Orthodox recognize the tradition of women deacons.

Thompson, a canon lawyer, noted that the Canon Law Society of America released a document supporting women deacons in 1995.

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My Take

Eusebio L. Koh | Santo Nino Council, K of C (Blessed Sacrament Parish, Regina) | September, October and November, 2016 Newsletter

Last month, I was invited to a lecture by a distinguished American whom I’ve heard so much about. He is Fr. Roy Bourgeois, a 78 year old priest laicized by the Vatican for advocating the ordination of women priests. Here is part of his statement on his dismissal from the Maryknoll Society:  “I believe that our Church's teaching that excludes women from the priesthood defies both faith and reason and cannot stand up to scrutiny.

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Sara Butler, MSBT / Robert J. Egan, SJ Debate on the Ordination of Women

Women Priests -- Answering the Call


See preface from the book by Catherine Cavanagh -- click here

Editor's note:  The author has given permission to download for free the complete 48 page booklet and read on your computer or e-reader

Click here for pdf format of Women Priests -- Following the Call

My Journey From Silence to Solidarity

This book available for free as a pdf file downloaded here.


On May 12, 2016 Pope Francis  announced that he will create a commission to study the possibility of restoring the tradition of ordaining women deacons in the Catholic Church.

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Pope and Anglican leader say churches share 'certain yet imperfect communion' "We trust in God's grace and providence, knowing that the Holy Spirit will open new doors and lead us into all truth."  Will the ordination of women be one of the doors?

Joshua J. McElwee  |  Oct. 6, 2016

Pope Francis and Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby met twice this week in Rome for symbol-laden encounters, where they jointly commissioned 19 pairs of bishops from their two global faith communities to go back to their home countries sharing joint prayer and mission.

The two also issued a joint statement Wednesday evening, declaring that while there continue to be "serious obstacles" blocking the path to full unity between their two churches that their clergy and faithful should not "undervalue that certain yet imperfect communion that we already share."

"New circumstances have presented new disagreements among us, particularly regarding the ordination of women and more recent questions regarding human sexuality," said Francis and Welby, nodding towards the differences between their churches' teachings on priestly ordination and gay relationships.

"While, like our predecessors, we ourselves do not yet see solutions to the obstacles before us, we are undeterred," stated the two Christian shepherds. "We trust in God's grace and providence, knowing that the Holy Spirit will open new doors and lead us into all truth."

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Invitation to Toronto RCWP Canada Ordination

Letter to the Editor

Promotion of the ordination of women

I would like to share a few ideas on how to promote the ordination of women.
Perhaps various groups could join together and go as a group to church services wearing buttons proclaiming that the Church should "ordain women now".  One or two people wearing a button may not be noticed but many would.  It might make a media story as well.  If people became bold enough they could also pass out buttons or other information from public sidewalk locations near a church as people approached the church for a service.
Perhaps ordering a bunch of buttons and planning some organized ways for groups to use them as opportunities arise might be the way to go.  Other venues could be public lectures at the university, fall suppers, parish events, or the Archbishop's New Year Levy.
Some of the supporters of the ordination of women may not be able to be involved in public issues because of their positions of employment.  Individual discernment would be required regarding how publicly one can be at this point in their lives.

As civil law stands at this time, religious institutions have the right to practice discrimination if something is in opposition to their belief system.  It is interesting to note that Mormons are not allowed to be polygamous even though that has been tolerated officially in the past by their church.  Why?  Because civil law prohibits polygamy.   We in Canada have a charter of human rights, but the charter seemingly is ignored when it comes to women’s ordination and married priests in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church.  Perhaps it is time to challenge this.
I'm struck by the fact that there are many dispersed groups of people gathering for community and spiritual growth, yet lack the coordination of efforts to move issues forward. 

Phoebe, Regina, SK


Archbishop Paul-André Durocher honored at FutureChurch Annual Event for His Work to Open Discussion on Women Deacons; Expanded Leadership for Women

Mary Louise Hartman | October 8, 2016

On September 22, 2016, FutureChurch  honored Archbishop Paul-André Durocher (Gatineau, Quebec) as the 2016 Recipient of the Father Louis J. Trivison Award at the annual Fall Event.  Archbishop Durocher made international news for his visionary proposal during the 2015 Family Synod in Rome calling on bishops to discuss women deacons and expand leadership for women in the Church including greater opportunities for preaching. 

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Canadian Cardinal will not refuse funerals for medically assisted deaths.  Cardinal Gérald Lacroix says he will not follow the example of several other Canadian bishops.

Global Pulse staf | October 4, 2016

Cardinal Gérald Lacroix of Quebec said he will not follow his fellow Canadian Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories in refusing funerals for those who asked to be euthanased, the Catholic News Service reports.

"I don't plan specific directives aimed at refusing this support or refusing access to the anointing of the sick and the celebration of funerals," Cardinal Lacroix said in a statement last Thursday.

The Cardinal was reacting to a document published earlier this month by the Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories, addressed to the clergy, in which they said these sacraments and celebrations may be refused for those opting for assisted suicide or euthanasia.

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Polish Women advocate for ordination of women with book and facebook page

Kaplanstwo kobiet? Katolickie feministki wypowiadajace sie o etyce seksualnej i antykoncepcji? Charyzmatyczne kobiety obecne w sluzbie liturgicznej? Feministyczne czytanie Biblii? Kobiety uprawiajace powazna teologie? Walka o rownouprawnienie w kosciele?

TAK! - i nie tylko w teorii, ale i w praktyce, jak pokazuje na konkretnych przykladach z rozmaitych krajow i kregow kulturowych Zuzanna Radzik. Kosciol kobiet to pasjonujaca podroz po istniejacych na swiecie praktykach, ktore pokazuja, ze udzial kobiet w kosciele jest o wiele szerszy i glebszy niz mogloby sie nam, Polkom i Polakom, wydawac.

Women in the Priesthood? Catholic feminists speaking out about sexual ethics and contraception? Charismatic women present in the service of the liturgy? Feminist reading the Bible? Women doing some serious theology? The fight for equality of rights in the church?

YES! - And not only in theory but also in practice, as shown in concrete examples from different countries and cultures by Zuzanna Radzik. 
Kosciol Kobiet is an exciting trip about the existing practices in the world, which shows that the participation of women in the church is much broader and deeper than it seems to Polish women and men.

Female panelists share their struggles in male-dominated religions

Traci Badalucco  |  Oct. 11, 2016

Women in the Catholic church have long been their own advocates, pushing the hierarchy and those within their faith communities to grant them the same ecclesial leadership roles as their male counterparts. The door, however, has remained closed -- but the fight has continued.

. . .

"Women from all walks of life are often told, 'We have separate but equal roles.' That usually means totally the opposite," said Kate Kelly, a human rights lawyer who was excommunicated from the Mormon church in June 2014. "The same is true in Mormonism. Women are told and buy into that lie."

Francis, the comic strip                                                                                                           Francis Comic Strip Archive
by Pat Marrin | October 20, 2016
National Catholic Reporter
Used with permission

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